On the Earth awakening from a restless dream — Of Earth awakening, Orient, kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium,Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland

  • lyrics: Adéla Součková
  • editing: Karina Kottová
  • sound: Ari Wulu
  • voice: Hope Kinanthi Hoperiette Jatmiko

On Earth is a series of digital-esque Earth deities whose pixels are stamped with potatoes.
The tapestries are anchored down by real sprouting potatoes, showing the Earth’s resistance
to being abstracted, rising-up in the opposite direction of a download. The soundtrack of
Indonesia-inspired gamelan music is narrated by a dutch-indonesian child who speaks on
behalf of the Earth.

photos: Aleks Slota