Ancestors Uploaded, Golems and Fountains— multiple places, 2017-2019, sizes varies from 90 x 120cm to 180 x 400cm

 Ancestors Uploaded-
Indigo dye on fabrics on lightbox, charcoal on fabrics and wall, 0:55 video loop (Untitled, 102 x v139 cm ; Pixeled, 133 x137cm) charcoal on fabrics and wall, 0:55 video loop, 2019
Commission for Bildende Kunst der Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Kupferstich-Kabinett, SKD, Dresden, DE, 2019

Exhibition was meant to reflect on Rembrandt’s work by reworking story of Danae, one of the characters Rembrandt painted. She becomes the narrator of the story through sound, wall drawing, and lightboxes. The golden rain featured in the myth is data. Danae reflects on her digital abuse, and she becomes pregnant with data.

Secularity- Installation view of exhibition in Trnava Synagogue, indigo dye on textile, wire, 2017